15 Best tools for Growth Hacking in 2022; Suitable For Every Growth Hacker

15 Best tools for Growth Hacking in 2022; Suitable For Every Growth Hacker

Automation (Artificial Intelligence) has entered the digital world long back, but recently the performance has improved by these automation tools, which increased the marketing and growth of the business. Things turned easy and focused made narrow by these tools. Where a growth hacker can focus on how to retain customers rather than how to reach them with personalization pop-ups, emails, etc. Likewise, we have brought the tools that are suitable for every growth hacker. 

The strategies are different for different categories of companies, likewise, the tool suitable for B2C companies will not be suitable for B2B. So one needs to make the strategy accordingly and the tools used for executing the strategy will be different. We will be sharing tools that will help different fields and motives of growth hackers. 

Why Need Of Growth Hacking Tools?

For quick and personalization to reach the customers, one needs the tool. In today’s fast-moving world, these automation tools are becoming a part of marketing and growth hacking. There are many benefits of growth hacking tools, where you can cut off the resources and stick to one, you can reach the mass audience at one click, easy customization, and accurate tracking are some of the benefits. Hence a growth hacker needs a tool!

Tools For Growth Hacking:

B2B business works differently compared to B2C. but growth is the ultimate goal of every business. Expandi.io is the best tool for B2B growth hacking, it is for the hacker who makes Linkedin as part of their strategy. This tool works as automation for Linkedin with many features. 

The software even gives a test as a demo. Also, suggest growth hacking tips. You get a bundle of features with personalization gifs, messages, etc. One of the best ways to begin growth is on Linkedin. But one needs to control it effectively and not make it spam. 

Small scale businesses need affordable and effective automation tools, we found Keap for you! Keap is best for small-scale businesses. It will boost your sales without any chaos. The platform can act as a one-stop destination. You can make use of Keap’s CRM, sales, and marketing features. Whereas you can create personalized emails and messages. 

Coming to the pricing of the Keap, it is affordable and has different plans, with 14 days free trial plan. 

There are many different industries and different businesses, but online sales leads and growth have a commonplace or point, landing page. It is most important to be optimized to get started with growth hacking. Instapage tool is majorly used for building high converting landing pages. 

For any type of website, you can build the right landing page using the most favorable elements your audience and you want. Instapage is one place to get going with the beautiful and optimized landing page, which will convince the visitor and create a positive image too. Instapage integrated with the elements, designs, and is easy to use. 

It is the most recommended tool. GrowthBar is developed by the two real growth hackers Mark and Hailey, from GrowthMarketingPro. It ensures that the tool is most suitable for the growth hacker. So what is GrowthBar? It is an SEO Chrome extension with many features that will easily help in building SEO. The tool offers you many features such as AI content, it will be loved by Google and your audience, backlinks, keywords, and their stats, etc. 

It will make your life easier, and what makes it incredible is, you can use it as a Chrome extension. You can get other alternatives, but GrowthBar is way beneficial for you as a growth hacker. 

It is the hot tool for growth hackers. Business grows when you turn leads into subscribers, buyers, etc. Hello Bar brings you the same. It will help you to convert the leads into customers. The tool helps you to design messages for the audience visiting the website. 

Many small-scale businesses move to this tool for growth. As a growth hacker, you can take a step to use this tool. It has A/B testing features and other more features. 

For growth, you need to grab the customer’s data to keep them engaged with your business and its updates. Here is how Nimble will help you as a growth hacker. The tool helps you to manage the relationship, by summing the contacts, email subscriber lists, social signals, follow-ups, etc. You can manage 1000s of contacts without any chaos. 

The personalization messages to the contacts on the events such as birthdays, etc. It will have a psychological impact on them. Nimble is a great tool for retaining customers. And the retained customers are a big strength for the growth of customers. 

  • Colibro.io:

For making the growth hacking tactics work, you need to have a good product, a solution maybe! Where the audience can be attracted and must use the product. And you have a come-up with a product. But do you know what people are spreading words about your products? Colibro.io helps you to know where customers are engaged and helps you analyze what people are saying about your product, in form of behavior. 

One of the impressive features Colibro.io provides is that you can integrate it with Google Analytics. You get a free 14 days trial and different plans with unlocking features of Colibro.io. 

  • Highlight And Share:

This open-source plugin will help you a lot to grow. This WordPress plugin gives access to sharing the content from the website to other social media platforms. Hence it makes sharing an easy task. So the highlighting feature of this plugin is highlight and share, which is real-quick and instant sharing on the social media platforms by the users. 

Any content of the website or blog can be highlighted, along with that it can be shared. Many websites don’t have this feature. It will be beneficial for the single product eCommerce website, having this feature will help the audience to showcase and create awareness on their own, by sharing the content. 

Growth hacking is a data-driven subject, where you build the strategy based on the data. For data-driven sales and marketing processing, MixRank is the best tool. It acts like a spy, where you get the opportunity to invite new customers with a data-driven approach. Features like email and CRM alerts are helpful. 

It also gives you data on prospective customers, competitors, and clients. You can enrich your dataset with this automation tool, MixRank. 

We consider it as one of the important tools in all aspects, whether growth hacking, marketing, etc. Since, you need to know the customer feedback to improve, grow, and succeed. Mopinion plays an important role in this aspect. It is a user feedback software that collects feedback from your mobile application and website. Then, work on it, by analyzing feedback data and creating reports for further action. 

It will empower you to know and understand the customers’ needs and improvements or modifications to be done on the products or services. Mopinion also tracks real-time feedback. 

  • PushCrew:

How engaging will it be to timely push a gentle reminder to the old customers for retaining them? You don’t need to push with emails or some other way, give a handy and gentle reminder by PushCrew. You can update your customers with the notifications. It is the recent and trendy way to create a psychological impact on the customers. 

Add PushCrew to your website and send a notification to the users without making them install applications, reaching mass audiences in a quick time. 

To see how users behave in your website or mobile application, you need to get to Session Cam! This tool allows you to watch the recordings of website or application visitors. It will indirectly help you to increase the conversion rates. Since you check the flaws on your website and application from the target audience perspective. 

Session Cam can help you with other features, such as getting access to heatmaps. Other benefits will be you can easily integrate this tool with third-party software such as Google Analytics, Cheetah mail, etc. Build the conversion funnels for better access to form pages. 

Olark seems to be the finest tool for tracking the visitors on the website. You can connect with the users along with the location. Since you get to know about the users and connect with them, one better way to keep the visitors engaged. 

Adding a more meaningful connection, Olark gives you reports about when they have visited the website and tracking their behavior on the site. The targeted chats on Olark help you interact with the audience with a certain set of rules. They have to perform such behavior or visit a particular page. Also, you get other integrated features such as CRM, salesforces, etc. 


These tools mentioned are best for growth hackers and help in different ways. You can easily track the visitors, keep them engaged by connecting with them. Also, as a growth hacker, one needs to be focused on the strategy they are executing, so these tools will be supportive to outshine the performance, grow the business. 

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