Implement A/B Testing in Growth Hacking; In-Depth Guide

Implement A/B Testing in Growth Hacking; In-Depth Guide

Today entrepreneurs want their business to grow quickly or instantly. And this has given rise to growth hackers for growing the business by bringing in the customers using growth hacking fundamentals. Creating strategies and executing is the experiment for growth. With the help of A/B testing programs, one can optimize growth hacking. 

However, implementation of the testing model is different for different fields, likewise for growth hacking. It is the most common tactic used, which helps businesses get better results. This guide will bring the light to integrating the A/B testing in growth hacking. 

What Is A/B Testing Model?

A/B testing model can be called ‘split testing’ or ‘bucket testing’ since it splits the audience. It is the most simple testing model and effective at the same time. Where you compare the two variants of the same thing, such as a website’s landing page, research, experiments, etc. You can implement the A/B testing in various experiments including growth hacking. But the strategy you have created must be fair and balanced to create a comparison, which will be best for business growth. The comparison can be done of similar and same things, but not uncommon things. 

There are many benefits of using A/B testing across the fields

  1. You get a stronger strategic plan 
  2. Lowers the risk of failure
  3. Easy analysis of both the strategic plans
  4. One can measure multiple elements using it for optimized results
  5. You get quick results as well as improve the success ratio. 

A/B testing acts like a preview of the strategy performance, which gives an idea of what will happen? It is the epitome of a growth hacker mindset. One can easily track the performance of the growth hacking strategy and come in with another strategy. If both don’t work well, that means, not bringing the desired growth to the business, you can work on another strategy and keep testing. 

Optimizing Of A/B Testing:

Optimizing the test will help you to look at how minor elements in the strategy affects the customer’s engagement. Luckily one can optimize the A/B testing to make it more effective and reduce the failure with minimum cost usage. This model is used to test the couple or more variants in the pair of two, which share a similarity. For instance, an application made with a different user interface and sign-up form. No doubt, it will divide the audience, but an effective user interface with smooth functionality where the audience will gather. 

The test helps to pinpoint the minor things in the setup, and this is actually helpful to perform well and increase growth. You can use various analytical instruments to pinpoint the minor elements of the setup. Also, you can measure and compare the results got from the optimized test. For example: if you make two different sign-ups for an application, in one variant you add debit card details form and in another one, you add the credit card details form. Then you can measure the results by comparing these two. 

Another instance of a website, where you can compare the results through insights and engagement on different web designs. In the following ways, you can optimize the test for better results. 

  • A/B Test Structuring:

A/B testing model is a scientific method, which has a systematic way of working and experimenting. But how does it work? It works based on hypotheses drawn and questionnaires made of research and observation. You can make the framework with the help of the observation and answering the questionnaire drawn through hypotheses. 

It must be researched from the audience’s perspective, which means, one must analyze the audience’s perspective. How your target audience is behaving currently. You can make use of analytical tools to observe this and form a framework. The framework is a design of the A/B testing. 

But here, you must be precise about the test and result. If you fail to get the desired result, we recommend to keep on testing the new ideas or strategies you create. 

  • Changes-Variations-Results

These three go hand-in-hand, changes, variation, and results. The changes can be made on multiple strategies, designs, interfaces, etc. These create variants, you can make changes in the variants, for instance, A variant and B variant or you directly make changes in one variant. If you are making single changes, then tracking the result (A/B testing) will be minor or not that impactful as of multiple changes. Which is easier to track the response and results. 

  • Data Structure: 

Yes, another step or structure we can say is measuring the result. It varies, depending on what your test model is about. Ultimately the result data will be about engagement and insights. If you are testing an email campaign then it depends on emails-open, scrolls, click-through. The metrics vary for a sign-up form on the application. Likewise, you can measure the results.

  • Testing Duration And Scope: 

The testing of any strategy will be for a particular sample group and duration. The results will be based on the changes in the versions. Small changes will deliver you quick and easy analyzing results and vice-versa. For a better understanding of the result, you can make use of different tools and calculators available on the internet. 

  • Segmentation: 

A/B testing is known as split testing, but I also said it divides the audience. If you have a detailed study on your target customer, then you can segment them easily and carry out the test. Where you can run the test by groups in two or A/B on a specific group of target samples. 

This structure will help you to carry out the test successfully, whenever you want. 

How To Begin Testing In Growth Hacking?

The testing model you got is easy and impactful too. No matter what your business is and at what pace the growth is going on, a true growth hacker can bring in the optimum growth with help of one of the most valuable models, A/B testing. Here is how you can begin the testing:

  1. Be clear with the goal, for instance, increasing the download of the application, increasing sales, etc. Also, be specific about what you want to test and how to measure the results (data metrics). 
  2. Begin with the small target, when you are just starting. It will help you to be definite with the results and understand the field of growth hacking. 
  3. The small target will give you results quickly too. 
  4. The test scope should be defined such as duration and set of audience you are choosing as a sample group. For instance, if the company is adding new features in the application or launching the new application, it is set on the Beta version for testing. Where only early registered applicants on Playstore can access it (the example is on a larger scale), you can make it for the website registered applicants.  

Implementation Of A/B Testing In Growth Hacking:

The implementation of the model is easy, creative, scientific, and strategically impactful for the growth of the business. Where one can test multiple strategies using this test. The small strategy like email campaigns or large as to increase the sales process. You just need to be specific and execute it with the right group of people. 

These Things You Can Test:

  1. Referrals: in the growth hacking funnel you can see referrals are the easiest and cost-saving growth hack, hackers use. You can test the referrals using A/B testing. 
  2. Call-To Action: You can check the best call-to-action for quick growth by increasing the downloads, sales, traffic. Where you can test call-to-actions buttons such as ‘Sign-up’ and ‘Subscribe,’ which is effective.  
  3. Landing Pages: One of the most important bases of the business is online representation, where you drive the customers to take action. Optimizing the user experience of the landing is important and A/B testing is the best suitable testing way. 
  4. Data Analysis: There are times when hackers want retained customers to try new products or services, so they test the data to analyze whether it is suitable or not, for example by mailing old subscribers to try the new category products. 
  5. Ad Copy And Multimedia: It is the mandatory part of testing ad copies before going live with the ads, you can use the model on ad copies and multimedia. 
  6. Growth Hacking Funnels: The funnels have different elements, one can use this model to switch the funnel according to the strategy. 

Tools For A/B Testing:

There are multiple tools or toolkits available for carrying out the test easily. We recommend using the tools for optimization usage and cutting off a few resources. These tools can be used for testing various elements. You can test and track the target easily using open-source and paid tools. 

Tips For A/B Testing:

  • Keep Testing: For achieving the desired results and to increase the success ratio, you need to keep testing for achieving the desired results. 
  • Making use of automation tools for tracking and analyzing the test, will be helpful. 
  • Keep the testing for a limited and shorter period, which will help you to keep the audience engaging. If the strategy fails then you can move to another strategy. 
  • Track the performance from time to time. 


A/B Testing is the most valuable model a growth hacker can use. This guide has mentioned all the important elements necessary to know as a growth hacker to test the strategy for growing the business within a quick time. However, along with this model, it is the strategy and skill of the growth hacker that matters for the growth of the business. 

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