10 Skill Set For Growth Hackers in 2022

10 Skill Set For Growth Hackers in 2022

As growth hacking is above digital marketing, it requires tactics and the right strategy different from marketing strategies. Hence, the skills of a growth hacker are different compared to a digital marketer. 

So what growth hacker skills include, or one must sharp to be a growth hacker? This blog will help you to know the growth hacker skills, which include technical and ideal skills. 

  • Analytics And Statistics:

Growth hacking is data-driven, so one must develop skills in tracking the data using various analytical tools and segregate the data under different categories. As a company, if you are looking to hire a growth hacker, then you must know that person’s ability about analytics and statistics, which include knowledge and comfort of working on tools like Google Analytics, CRM management, spreadsheet, etc. 

One can develop the skill of data tracking and analysis by reading books on growth hacking or choosing open-source courses like Google Analytics Academy

  • Programming And Optimization:

As data collection is a technical skill, the programming and landing page is technical too. Where a growth hacker should have little knowledge about programming languages such as HTML and CSS. it will help you to optimize the landing page and website. However, some tools provide templates, which can be edited through the drag and drop option. 

As a firm, one cannot expect the skill of a beginner, but it will be an added advantage for a beginner growth hacker to know the programming language and knowledge about website and SEO. 

  • Acquisition Marketing:

Acquisition marketing involves email, social media, influencer, content marketing, etc. These marketing components do matter for growth hacking. A growth hacker must be aware of acquisition marketing. Where they can implement the funnel of growth hacking

It is the trunk of the T-shaped growth hacker, so one must develop the skill and knowledge about acquisition marketing. You may look at learning email marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing as primary. 

  • Customer Retention:

A growth hacker’s prime responsibility is to generate the customer retention rate, which means retaining the customers. Since a business will be beneficial with the retained customers compared to new customers. Retention skill is very useful for a growth hacker and the company. Since bringing the lost customer is cheaper and easier (if hit on-point) than the new customer. It is the use of the smart brains of growth hackers to build the strategy and bring the lost customers implementing the tactics and funnels of growth hacking. 

  • Growth Hacking Techniques:

Finally, as a growth hacker, you need some mandatory skills of growth hacking, such as how to use the funnel in the strategy, referral and viral program, paid promotions, optimizing the conversion rate, and A/B testing

These are necessary to make yourself stand out from the competition of growth hacking. Sharpening the skills with increasing the knowledge about growth hacking, by doing the core studies about growth hacking will improve the knowledge and brainstorm the new ideas for the company you are working at. 

  • Designing Skills:

A growth hacker doesn’t need to have a deep or core knowledge about the design. But a growth hacker needs to have design knowledge and passive skills, which will make a huge difference in effectively presenting the information or message on multiple platforms like websites, social media, etc. It will help you stick around the success of reaching the audience perfectly. 

  • Referral Program:

No doubt, referral programs are widely used as a growth hacking technique. It is a skill that a hacker must have with them. You need to experiment and experience the smooth run of a referral program to drive in more customers for the organization. 

It is not an easy subject to expect from a beginner, where one can miss out on the usage of growth hacking funnels. So as a beginner, you can join hands with an experienced person and understand the process. You can refer to the blog of referral companies like Viral loop, Referral Saasquatch for better understanding. 

  • Viral Marketing:

Another widely used technique is to grow the business as a whole. Viral marketing is not easy to be successful. It needs skills and experience to benefit the company to go viral with the content and increase the conversion rate. One can increase the knowledge by reading case studies

  • Copywriting Or Content:

These are the base of everything on the internet. So it is mandatory for every professional working in the digital field. At least one must hold the knowledge of good and engaging content or copy. A growth hacker (at any stage) must understand copywriting and structure it. Which will help you to put out the right content for the right audience and platform. 

  • Ui/UX:

Ui/UX are prominent in today’s time, where the application and website need it mandatorily. So you need to have the knowledge and mindset like a UI/UX designer. It will help you create an optimized application and website for the smooth run of growth hacking techniques. To understand UX better, you can check out this project checklist on Github.


Another thing one can do as a growth hacker is to follow and join the best growth hacking communities on social media platforms, where you can get the latest updates about tools and industries. 

However, technical skills make the difference between a growth hacker and a digital hacker. You can join the online courses for learning the skills and improving your knowledge of growth hacking. 

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